German School Manhattan

Where we are

GSM opened on September 5th 2018 for its first ever Kindergarten class. Enrollment is currently open for grades K-1. The rooms at the spacious Tribeca location will allow for the school’s growth into a full K-5 program. The location at 74 Warren Street is easily accessible by most subway lines, making this school an option for all Manhattan neighborhoods. Parks and playgrounds are in walkable distance. GSM combines proven teaching methods and curricula from Germany with the modern American standards of ELA into a child-centric program.

Academic subjects, as well as art, music and movement are taught in German and/or English. The expertly trained teachers are able to support each child’s individual needs with attention to language level and developmental skills. Small class size (average 20) allows for dedicated teacher/student interaction.

GSM puts the child first by ensuring personal well-being, which is the base for all academic accomplishments.

Where we will be

GSM will grow organically one grade per year into a full K-5 program, which will cover all curriculum requirements for the German “Grundschule”, as well as the American counterpart, the Lower School Curriculum in English language. GSM’s curriculum and approach are in alignment with other bilingual programs, such as GSB (www.germanschoolbrooklyn), which will provide the ongoing track into Middle School and High School.

GSM will grow into a cultural institution in downtown Manhattan that will serve as a meeting point for cultural exchange and allow for connections between multi-lingual families. Aside from the after school program for enrolled GSM students, the school will be offering an array of programs for non-GSM students, siblings and learners that are hoping to study languages, music, theater, yoga and art.